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La cucina di Gennaro


Authentic Italian cuisine.


Our  story


I grew up in Napels, in the south of Italy. Here food symbolizes conviviality with the whole family. The Mediterranean cuisine focuses on the simplicity and purity of fresh regional products.

I have been living in Antwerp for a couple of years now and have made this city my second home. After building up experience in several Italian restaurants I thought it was time to introduce you to my Italy via La Cucina di Gennaro. Where honest and pure ingredients are the base of delicious dishes.


Fresh ingredients for delicious meals



My kitchen is all about authenticity, dishes made with love.


Fresh products

We always work with the best products and always fresh, this is the only way to prepare the best dishes.




Ode a la mamma

A look back at the essence of Italian cuisine where the quality of the ingredients and the love of “la mama” are central.




Seasonal products

We work with seasonal products as much as possible. This way we can always guarantee the best quality and support the local traders.



Food is love

Nothing cozier than a large table where the food is shared, all together while enjoying a good conversation and a smile. Food is love.


With Italian flair

You will find my Italian roots in all dishes, but this makes my kitchen just as deliciously authentic.




What do our customers say.


“Gennaro’s toasts are absolutely delicious. Too big not to share them, but I still eat them alone”


“Great food and top service”

“We used the food truck service for our son’s birthday party, what a success! “


“Nice food and lovely people”

“The takeaway service is highly recommended, delicious food and very nice people”


Contact us .

+0032 492 86 84 89

Everything You Should Be aware of Dubai Escorts

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